Hola Piranhas*

Proyecto Piraña is a work in progress project since 2016. Based in Buenos Aires, moves around the globe expanding the net of Latin American contemporary artists. Our shoal of fish keep a multiplicity of ideas, techniques, and graphic experimentation through paper publications featuring photography, illustration, poetry and visual arts. It´s run by Belen Machado.

What wakes us up in the morning? A good cup of coffee. But also, working along collectives and artists to provide a platform that encourage them to grow in their projects and community.

Our publications kiosk (Kiosco Piraña) beholds over 60 artists from Latin America which can be found at our online shop, and also presented at art and comic book fairs worldwide.

*Freshwater fish, flat body, broad head, very strong and sharp teeth. They inhabit the great rivers of the tropical zones of South America, forming very numerous groups; There are several species.

Find our publications at


× Punc Historietas | Dr. Luis Belaustegui 393 – Villa Crespo

× Espacio Moebius | Bulnes 658 – Almagro

× Musaraña Libros | General Jose Maria Paz 1530 – Florida

× Taller | Roosevelt 3239 – Coghlan


× Printed Matter |  231 11th Avenue – New York, USA

× Other Books | 2006 E Cesar E Chavez Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90033